The GR20

Guided hike

The GR20 crosses the island diagonally following the high granite barrier of mountains that form the natural boundary between the two departments of Corsica. The trail offers some fantastic scenery, along with an insight into the authentic and traditional working mountain community. We may meet the last of the shepherds that still follow the age-old lifestyle of the transhumance, where by they pass the summer months with their flocks on the high fresh airy pastures and the winters down by the coast.

LEVEL : very athletic | SEASON : summer | DURATION : 14 days  | 

Programme of the trek

Niveau : Very athletic

Day 1 - Sunday: Welcome of the group at 8.00 in the morning in Ajaccio. From the city hall place, transfer with a minibus to the Col de Bavella, the journey takes about two and a half hours.
 We will walk along the alpine variant to pass through the very heart of the massif of Bavella. . We are plunged into an unusual mountain decor and it is hard to imagine that the sea is not far away.
Day 2 - Monday: We take the trail that leads up to the dramatic summit of Monte Alcudina (2134m). On a clear day it is possible to see the islands outline in the sea. Access to your following baggage.
Day 3 - Tuesday: We leave the plateau passing through a forest of dwarf oak trees that are hundreds of years old. The path stays up high on the ridge at around 2000m altitude.
Day 4 - Wednesday: We still walk on the ridge and overlook the Mediterranean sea. This long and great day lead us to the Verde Pass. Access to your following baggage.
Day 5 - Thursday: We pass through some idyllic spots, remote welcoming stone cabins and a luxuriant vegetation. We continue to the Lodge of Capanelle. Access to your following baggage.
Day 6 - Friday: Today we climb up the 2352m of the Monte Rinosu. From the top we enjoy a great view on the landscape aroud and the east and west seashore. On the way back we have the lunche on a very scenic lake shore. Access to your following baggage.
Day 7 - Saturday: By and old mule track, we arrive in the col of Palmente (1640 m).  We will see the oriental coast, it will offers us a magnificient scenery on Diana's and Urbino's ponds. Descent to Vizzavona ' beech grove.
Night in Vizzavona shelter. Access to your following baggage.

Day 8 - Sunday: Transfer to Tattone, we begin the hiking with the ascension of Manganellu small valley. We will follow a path along of a torrent.
Night on a tent at Petra Piana refuge.
Day 9 - Monday: A magnificent mountain walk, a well trodden route leads up to the Mello lake. We press on up higher to the abruptly contrasting lake of Capitellu.
Day 10 - Tuesday: A relaxing walk where everyone can go their own pace for the first hour to arrive at the green lush turf of the lake de Nino. Access to your following baggage.
Day 11 - Wednesday: Following the GR20 we walk to Radule, a huddle of stone cabins well camouflaged against the mountain rock.
Day 12 - Thursday: The circle of solitude. The geology, the closeness of the rocks and the often billowing mist make this a dramatic and impressive section in Corsicas grand granite barrier. Access to your following baggage.
Day 13 - Friday: Ascension of the top of the island, The Monte Cinto 2710m. Access to your following baggage.
Day 14 - Saturday: from Asco to Bonifatu for the last day – transfer to Calvi at the end of the afternoon.

The trip in pics


1360 € per person
Group  from 6 to 12 persons per guide

In refuges, sheepfolds and shelters

By a mountain guide (groupe de 12 personnes maximum par accompagnateur)

You must always carry in your rucksack hot clothing, a rainwear, one gourd, an emergency case and your personal objects without forgetting part of the picnic. The baggage of assistance (the following baggage) is transferred by our assistance which you find certain evenings with lodgings accessible by road. It contains  the businesses necessary to your stay (does not have to exceed 12 kg).

Dates 2015 :
Every Sunday from 24th of May to 6th of September

This price includes:
- The take in charge in the place of the appointment
-  Transfers
-  The full board
-  The training by a mountain guide
-  The transfer of the luggage between the accommodations (as detailed in “Assistance”)
This price does not include/understand:
- Personal expenses, drinks
- The insurances cancellation and repatriation
- All is not written in "this price include"

The GR20